Rekha Thapa comes back to Kathmandu after finishing shooting in west Nepal

After the completion of the shooting of ‘Himmatwali’ in Mahendranagar, Rekha Thapa has returned back to Kathmandu. The remaining shooting of the movie will be held in Kathmandu.

rekha thapa returns kathamndu (1)

A lot of stuffs happened while she was in the sets.

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Rekha Misses Holi in Kathamndu

The plan to celebrate Holi didn’t go well at the shooting location of ‘Himmatwali’. She didn’t get the opportunity to visit Raute people too.

rekha thapa in himmatwali shooting sceens (1)

Amongst acting, producing and directing the movie, Rekha missed the Holi in Kathmandu.

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Holi celebration at Himmatwali location

This year Rekha Thapa won’t be able to participate in Holi parties in Kathamndu. Busy in the shooting of ‘Himmatwali’, she will celebrate the festival with the crew members of the movie.

Holi Rekha thapa himmatwalli

Rekha also has a desire to play holi with Raute people. But, she is not sure if that would be possible.

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Rekha Thapa is the new director of Himmatwali

After the completion of the climax scenes and about 35 percent of ‘Himmatwali’, the director Shayam Bhattarai got sick and had to return back to Kathmandu for treatment. In the absence of the director, Rekha has decided to direct the movie herself.

rekha thapa in himmatwali shooting

Rekha has told that the official director of the movie will be Rekha Thapa herself. Now, the producer, actress and director of the ‘Himmatwali’ is Rekha.

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Who is the lead actor of Himmatwali ?

The actor in Rekha’s upcoming movie ‘Himmatwali’ is a suspense. Rekha has been sharing teaser photos to create interest in the new actor.

In the following photo, the new actor is presenting a flower to Rekha:

rekha thapa himmatwali

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