Rekha Thapa to do a guest role in Damdar

Here are a couple of photos of Rekha Thapa in her upcoming movie ‘Damdar’. Rekha is featured as a guest artist in the movie named after a Hindi word. The action movie is being directed by Kamal Krishna.

rekha thapa in Damdar

In ‘Damdar’ Rekha’s role is said to be a short but effective one. Rekha will be seen in action role.  The movie features actor Sabin Shrestha in leading role and actor Shreeram Pudasaini will also be featured in a main role.

rekha thapa in Damdar movie

Poet Rekha Thapa

Rekha Thapa is a multi-dimensional personality. Everybody knows she is the number one actress in Nepal. We have also heard how sweet she sings. She is not less than any professional singers. It seems, Rekha is also a good poet. Here is a proof that Rekha also writes good poems.

rekha thapa talking

Rekha received a poem from one of her friends. She replied the poem with another of her own creation. First, let’s read Rekha’s poem (in Nepali):

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