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Disclaimer – We are Rekha Thapa fans who respect her as an actress and as a person. We do like to share the information we have about our favorite actress. The information posted in this website is NOT endorsed by Rekha Thapa or her associates.

Rekha Thapa in a dance partyPersonal details of Rekha Thapa:

  • Name – Rekha Thapa
  • Birthday : Bhadra 5th (English date differs every year – in 2012 it is August 21)
  • Born in :  Morang, East Nepal
  • Zodiac Sign :  Aries
  • Height :  5’3″
  • Education :  +2 (attempt)

Other details

  • Profession – Actress and movie producer
  • Banner – Rekha Films
  • First Movie : Hero (BS 2057)
  • Movie produced : Ajambari Nata, Himmat, Hifajat, Andaaz, Kasle Choryo Mero Man, Kismat, Rawan, Kali etc.
  • Total Movies : More than 100 movies till 2011
  • Favorite Place : Pokhara
  • Favorite Food : Pizza

Incoming search terms:

  • lawjne

43 thoughts on “About Rekha

  1. hi sexy rekha i love u forever but u cant reply with me.Forget with ur husband chabbi and married with me and live prosperous life with me ok.Bye.

  2. Dearest Rekha greetings from sahim shah how r u hope u u will be very well iam your die hard fan could u give me yr contact no i hope i hear positive response from u thankin u with best regards sahim shah

  3. Hi Rekha sis u r so smart n beauty i like ur films and act and i think it’s more better to work in films industry than politics tcare ,goodluck as well as Happy Dashain and Deepawali- thanks

  4. Rekha Thapa till now is totally transformed and the image she is creating through social service is appreciable. As Ratnakar transfered to wise Valmiki, Angulimal to englightened one, Rekha Thapa is changing into a Divine Mother. Go ahead in the line and wish you all the best. To understand the law of impermanence, your life study is enough.

  5. Dearest Rekha greetings from Tok Lama(Dil)I like your life stylist. It is so frankly, Enjoy, Jokking everything in your step. so, I like it and i love your movies. That’s great we need to change our life stylist depend on Time. Also, I’m going to tel you how comes your so sexy Eye…Depend on Eye …

  6. Hi, Rekha ! you seem very beauty and elegant. I am a script writer, I have written so many scripts but due to the absence of the characters same as my script, I have not been able to caste them yet. I would like to seek your assist on this. I can be a partner for the investment as well. I need your quick response. Please write me email.

  7. रेखा जी म तपाइ को बहुत बहुत ठुलो fan हु मईले नेपाली फिल्म मात्र तपाइ को निमती हेरने गरे छु I like to much….
    I’m watching every film for you are acting thanks…..

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