Rekha watches Birkhe Lai Chinchhas

Rekha watched the comedy movie ‘Birkhe Lai Chinchas’ in a special show held at City Centre. Rekha found the movie released last Friday to be ‘awesome’. Rekha appreciated the acting of SubashThapa.

rekha thapa watches birkhelai chinchas

The guests in the special show were Dr. Sagar Jung Rana, Aakash Adhikari, Deepak Raj Giri, Dibas Khaniya, Upendra Yadav, BS Rana, Chhabi Raj Ojha and others. Sagar Jung Rana has also told that the movie was ‘mind-blowing’.

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Rekha Thapa Foundation inaugurated – released a documentary

In a program held in Kathmandu Rekha Thapa and the team inaugurated Rekha Thapa Foundation on December 27, 2013. Rekha presented the four children she had adopted and admitted to Ananda Kuti School. The cost of the education and upbringing of the children will be borne by the Foundation.



In the program Rekha screened the documentary showing her journey from Kathmandu to Raute community and back. She also covered the love and affection she showed to the community. Talking in the program, Rekha told that it was one of the most exciting time of her life. Rekha Thapa had announced about the incorporation of the Foundation when she was in Hong Kong to premier ‘Kali’.

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After a successful social work tour, Rekha has returned back to Kathmandu

After a week-long tour of Far Western Nepal, meeting Raute community members of Surkhet, Mahendranager and Dhangadi, Rekha Thapa has returned back to Kathmandu. She has also adopted four children as a guardian.

rekha thapa in raute community

After the birth of Rekha Thapa Foundation, Rekha has said that she has felt a new strength and she has felt a new morning has started. She hadn’t thought it would have been so easy. The success of the social work has given her new strength for her future projects.

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