Rekha Thapa met the earthquake victims and supported them

Rekha Thapa was on the 7th floor at the time of the earthquake. When it started shaking she couldn’t think of running. They just stayed there. After the earthquake Rekha and her mother ran out of the apartment and went outside. They lived outside after that sleeping in car and in a restaurant.

rekha thapa and himgyap lama birthday (72)

After being settled outside, she also went to visit the camps of people in Tundikhel, Maharjgujn, and Pashupati to distribute the help she could give. Here are some photos of the visits:

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Open challenge to Chhabi Raj Ojha

In response to Chhabi Raj Ojha’s claim that he had picked up Rekha Thapa from village and established her as an actress, Rekha has responded angrily. At the time Chhabi signed in ‘Hero’ Rekha was participating in Miss Nepal beauty contest. In a latest report, Chhabi is writing a book on his own life.

angry rekha 1

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Poet Rekha Thapa

Rekha Thapa is a multi-dimensional personality. Everybody knows she is the number one actress in Nepal. We have also heard how sweet she sings. She is not less than any professional singers. It seems, Rekha is also a good poet. Here is a proof that Rekha also writes good poems.

rekha thapa talking

Rekha received a poem from one of her friends. She replied the poem with another of her own creation. First, let’s read Rekha’s poem (in Nepali):

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Rekha Thapa as a singer

We all know Rekha Thapa as the number one actress in Nepali film industry. You might not know the other side of the actress – she is also a singer. Rekha has sung a song in the movie ‘Barsaat’. The singers in the song ‘Jindagiko Lamo Yatra ‘ are choreographer Shankar BC and actress Rekha Thapa. Both of them sound flawless, like professional singers. The lyrics of the song is written by Shankar BC who is also the director of the video.

singer rekha thapa barsat -song1

The music video details:

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Fund collection to support Ganesh Bishowkarma family

Rekha Thapa and Soch Pariwartan Nepal have started fund raising to help the family of Ganesh Bishowkarma. The 16-years-old boy went to Qatar to work and support his family. The family had raised money at 38% interest to send Ganesh to the foreign country. But, within 6months Ganesh’s dead body arrived at home.

ganesh bishowkarma - help - details

The story made an international sensation when a British newspaper The Guardian published the story.

soch pariwartan nepal

Rekha and Soch Pariwartan Nepal have started a bank account to collect fund to help the family of Ganesh. If you are interested in donating whatever amount you can please deposit the amount in the following bank account.

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