Rekha Thapa Facebook Fan Page getting huge boost in likes

UPDATE 2 – After a day (24 hours) of publishing this post, total likes in the page has almost reached 40,000 (39,821 to be exact). That is, 6,000 likes in a day.

Update: There were 1,000 more likes within two hours of posting this post. Current like count was 34,110 at the time of this update.

In the last week, Rekha’s Fan Page in Facebook has received a lot of new likes. At the time of this writing, the page received 3,000 likes in 11 hours reaching 33,000 total likes with almost 17,000 talking about the page.

11 hrs rekha thapa

After 11 hours:

rekha thapa facebook page likes 2

Facebook’s insight stat shows that the likes rates has averaged to 2,000 daily likes in the past few days and is in increasing trend. As the community grows stronger, we are planning to start fun-filled and entertaining programs, exclusively for the community members.

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Rekha Thapa in Tilganga Hospital

To get her eyes operated for a problem in her left eye, Rekha Thapa is currently in Tilganga Eye Hospital. This is a photo of Rekha before operation:

rekha thapa opeation tilganga

The problem was the reason she didn’t take off her sunglasses while she was in Dharan for the film festival. After the operation, the doctors have suggested her to rest for a few days and keep herself away from dust and smoke. 

rekha thapa before opeation

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Rekha Returned back to Nepal

After a month long stay in the US, Rekha Thapa has completed her first trip to the United States. Rekha started her a month-long tour to the US on January 23.

rekha talks in usa

While in US, Rekha participated in various programs organized under ‘Namaste America 2’. Rekha’s movie ‘Rawan’ was also screened in different cities in US. Last week, Rekha had unveiled the audio of her upcoming movie ‘Hamesha’ in California.

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Divorce rumors – don’t believe in them

Rumors are what they are – RUMORS!

Don’t believe in rumors and make the life better. Journalists love to spread rumors and people love to talk about rumors. Don’t believe in them and help Rekha and Chhabi mend their 10 years-old love and relationship. (I am talking about this rumor).

Thank you for helping.

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Journalists abuse artists – is this an another example?

Journalists are notorious in abusing artists by telling that they have the key to an artist’s popularity. A good example of how journalist abuse their authority was recently seen in a program when a journalist and actress Nisha Adhikari clashed over the journalist’s indecent behavior. Although Nisha was forced to apologize over the incident, anybody with a little bit of sense can see who was being made a scapegoat.

Well, this post is not about Nisha but about a journalist named Bishwamani Subedi and a photo he posted in his Facebook profile in 2009. The caption was related the much talked about scandal of Namrata Shrestha. The sex scandal was the talk of movie sector at that time and Subedi was talking about it. Although it is old, the caption doesn’t sound appropriate. Please see the photos below and comment.


We don’t know what the topic of talk was between the two. But, in Nepali words like “mori” and “sunaaudaichhe” doesn’t sound appropriate – especially for a noted actress like Rekha Thapa. Subedi has posted the same photo twice with different captions. The next post is a bit more decent but with the same message: