Rekha talks Himmatwali in Clap Board

In the filmy program ‘Clap Board’ Rekha Thapa talked about her upcoming movie ‘Himmatwali’. Talking to the program host Rajan Ghimire, Rekha told that the content of the new movie is better than ‘Kali’. The new actor Sudarshan Gautam in the movie is a ‘real life hero’. Sudarshan has made name all over the world for his extraordinary works.

rekha thapa clap board

Rekha is currently busy in the post production of the movie. She has told that she has made the movie the best movie so far. She also claimed that the movie will make changes in the society.

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Love and romance talk with Ujju Darling

After participating in the television show ‘Ujju Darling’ and Rekha had talked to Ujju again earlier this year for the publication in ‘Saptahik’ weekly.

The screenshot of the full interview is attached and the summary follows.


What is sex?

It is a biological and habitual need and it is also a natural gift. Like males, females also need it. Like every other women, I also need it.

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