Rekha to reduce weight for ‘Himmatwali’

Rekha Thapa has gained weight recently and is planning to slim down for her upcoming movie ‘Himmatwali’.

rekha thapa in Saptahik

The movie being directed by Shyam Bhattarai will feature Rekha in action role. The role demands a fit and active actress so, Rekha has to shed some weight to fit in the role. In the coming month she will be exercising and dieting to make herself fit.

Rekha relieved on reaching Nepal

After a month long US tour Rekha landed in Kathmandu airport at 4 PM on February 27. She told that she missed her mother a lot. Many had suspected that Rekha might not return back to Nepal but, Rekha told that she loves Nepal and her return back is also a reply to those skeptics. Rekha is planning to take a day off before she start working again.

rekha himgyap and gauri malla

Talking about US, Rekha told that America is different from the rest of the world. One of the main thing in USA that impressed Rekha was the rule of law. Of the places she had been she liked Las Vegas and New York. While in US Rekha met Gauri Malla and actress Ranjana Sharma. She tried to meet Jal Shah and Pooja Chand but could only talk with them in phone.

Rekha’s is going to be busy in the dubbing of her upcoming movie ‘Hamesha’.