Dashain 2014 Plan of Rekha Thapa

Last year’s Dashain of Rekha was full of ‘Kali’ and this year’s Dashain in full of ‘Himmatwali‘. She will visit all the theaters featuring her movie ‘Himmatwali’ and collect the best wishes from the viewers.

Rekha Thapa Dashain Tika

Photo – Dashain Tika of 2013

Talking about her childhood memories of the festival she revealed that she used to get the smallest amount of the gift because of being the youngest child. Once, the gift envelope of her elder sister hers got exchanged and she ended up getting the larger sum of money. She was very happy on that day. On that year she had purchased a gift for her mother on the Mother’s Day.

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Happy Dashain

We wish all the visitors of RekhaThapa.net a very happy Dashain.


We wish goddess Durga fulfill all your wishes and wish a very prosperous and successful life. Let all the demons get killed and the goddess live in your place.

Happy Dashain.

Enjoy  responsibly.

Thank you.

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Why Rekha Thapa didn’t attend National Film Award ?

First, Rekha Thapa knew who is going to win the awards beforehand. Here is the full list of winners.

rekha thapa

She was the only winner who wasn’t present at the award ceremony. The summary of Rekha’s statement (attached below):

  • ‘Rhythm’ can’t be a best movie
  • Lead actor in ‘Rhythm’ is Jiwan Luitel not Wilson Bikram Rai who won the best actor award.
  • Lead actress in ‘Masan’ is Keki Adhikari not Neeta Dhungana who won the best actress award.
  • The jury didn’t have competent judges. A filmy program host Prakash Subedi doesn’t qualify to be a judge.
  • The organizers had asked money for awards.

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Kali and Damini Bhidanta – a satirical poster

A poster (copied from other photos, as many Nepali film posters are these days) of a fake movie named ‘Kali and Damini ko Bhidanta’ was designed by Uday Gm to convey the status of the conflict of the release of two movies – ‘Kali’ and ‘Damini’.

Kali has recovered it’s investment in 2 days and is doing great in theaters. Fate of ‘Damini’ is not known but, it is clear that the movie didn’t have any adverse effect in the popularity of ‘Kali‘ and the viewers have liked it a lot.

kali and damini bhidanta

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Dashain 2070 Wishes

Dashain is the time of lot of fun while playing, eating and enjoying. Please eat and drink responsibly, don’t spend more than you can afford and don’t indulge yourself in gambling in this Dashain.  

We wish Happy Dashain to all the RekhaThapa.net readers and their families. We wish you happiness and propriety.

dashain 1

Enjoy and have fun!

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