First look of Rampyari features new actor Aavash Adhikari

The first look poster of Rekha Thapa’s next movie, ‘Ram Pyari’ shows the new actor Aavash Adhikari and Rekha Thapa on the background. The poster shows that Aavash will be the central character in the movie. Does that mean Aavash’s role would be stronger than Rekha? For the answer, we would need to wait till the release of the movie.

rampyari first look poster

Aavash Adhikari is Rekha’s nephew. In addition to being a blood relative, the son of Rekha’s elder sister, Aavash grew up with Rekha in his maternal home.

Aavash had always been interested in acting. He used to visit shooting sites of ‘Kali’  and ‘Himmatwali’. He has also taken dance and acting training to prepare for his debut movie. (more about Aavash in xnepali)

In addition to being the producer and actress in ‘Rampyari’, Rekha has also composed the music of one of the songs in the movie.

Rekha’s Rampyari looks:

rampyari look rekha thapa

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