Hit couple – Kali and Khadka ji

The photo featuring the popular comedy character of Meri Bassai, Khadka Ji (Sitaram Kattel) and Kali (Rekha Thapa) during the shooting of the upcoming episode was liked by a huge amount of Rekha’s fan.

rekha and khadkaji photo hit

The photo features Rekha and Khadkaji wearing Dashain tika. The photo was one of the photos posted earlier.

Rekha is promoting her upcoming movie ‘Kali’ by appearing in the comedy serials. In the past, actor Bhuwan KC and Rajesh Hamal had also appeared in the serial to promote their movies.

Here is one more photo of Rekha with Sitaram Kattel, Kunjana Ghimrie and Ramchandra Adhikari.

dhurmus rekha suntali and ram chandra

Update – After writing this post and posting (in about 15 minutes), likes count increased to 9250 and comments increased to 2100.

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