Kali and Damini Bhidanta – a satirical poster

A poster (copied from other photos, as many Nepali film posters are these days) of a fake movie named ‘Kali and Damini ko Bhidanta’ was designed by Uday Gm to convey the status of the conflict of the release of two movies – ‘Kali’ and ‘Damini’.

Kali has recovered it’s investment in 2 days and is doing great in theaters. Fate of ‘Damini’ is not known but, it is clear that the movie didn’t have any adverse effect in the popularity of ‘Kali‘ and the viewers have liked it a lot.

kali and damini bhidanta

NOTE – The poster above is made and reproduced for satirical purpose, to convey the reality of two movies ‘Kali’ and ‘Damini’ currently running in the theaters. It has nothing to do with personal relationship between Rekha Thapa and Biraj Bhatt.