Kali clashes with Damini – and wins

Rekha Thapa is competing with herself in theaters on the Fulpati day release of Nepali movies. Rekha’s home production ‘Kali’ faced competition when Chhabi Raj Ojha was selected to distribute the movie instead of Manoj Rathi. The Rathi group decided to release another movie featuring the actress to distract Rekha’s from ‘Kali’. The viewer’s seem to have understood the blackmailing of Rathi group and have flocked to watch ‘Kali’.

In the initial report, ‘Kali’ is running houseful in all the 80 theaters it was released. This is believed to be a new record in the history of Nepali movies.

kali - damini clash

When compared between ‘Damini’ and ‘Kali’ the theater owners have stated that ‘Kali’ is the clear winner.

Some New reports:

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