Kali profit to go to violence affected children

You know Rekha Thapa’s ‘Kali‘ has started collecting profit. Currently running in 80 theaters all over Nepal, the movie has collected a total of Rs. 13,700,000 so far. That is almost five million in Kathmandu valley and about 9 million in theaters out of Kathmandu.

Excited by the success of the movie, Rekha has told that she will spend the profits from the movie in the education of the violence affected children.

rekha thapa dancing in hamro maya juni juni lai

Rekha has also asked the NRN representatives currently in Kathamndu watch the movie for entertainment and indirectly and help the children. NRN representatives from all over the world are currently in Kathmandu to participate in the 6th NRN convention that started today (on October 21).

‘Kali’ cost and profit

The total cost of the movie production was Rs. 4.7 million. It is estimated that the producers will get a return of Rs. 6 million (from the current collection of 13.7 million) after deduction of theaters costs and distribution costs. That is, the movie has made a profit of Rs. 1.3 million so far. The movie viewer crowd are still flocking in the theaters. So, there are more revenues to be collected in coming days.

17 thoughts on “Kali profit to go to violence affected children

  1. Well done your movie has succeed. Its profit will be utililized in the noble work. Congratulations and wish for more and more profit…. Go ahead

  2. Rekha g are u how so nice……………….an ur film kali also very very nice god bless you rekha g……

  3. W0w.. Rekha sis y0ur m0vie kali iz very nce nd y0u had d0ne such a g00d r0le in kali… Y0u are such a w0nderful actress in k0llywood… Nd wish y0u all da best sis nd h0ping y0ur success in upc0ming days too… 🙂

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