Love and romance talk with Ujju Darling

After participating in the television show ‘Ujju Darling’ and Rekha had talked to Ujju again earlier this year for the publication in ‘Saptahik’ weekly.

The screenshot of the full interview is attached and the summary follows.


What is sex?

It is a biological and habitual need and it is also a natural gift. Like males, females also need it. Like every other women, I also need it.

Tell about the first kiss and honeymoon

The first kiss was with Chhabi. I don’t remember honeymoon but, it was fun.

Now, you are single, what is your preference – young man or an old one?

When you love someone, you don’t ask his age. Whoever loves me a lot, I will love him back. Let’s see.

What type of dresses you like?

I think, short dresses look good on me. So, I like short dresses.

If you get an opportunity to do a movie with a Bollywood actor who is your choice?

Well… John Abraham. He is so macho … I like him.


Click on the following photo to watch the video of Rekha’s interview in the television show Ujju Darling.

rekha with ujju darling

(credit – Ujju Darling) – Click her if you wan to know who is Ujju Darling.

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