Love Guru – 25 years old college girl

A 25-years-old college girl doesn’t want to get married for the next 8-10 years. After she was raped in 2004, she started being sexually attracted to opposite sex. She is regularly having sexual relationship with her brother-in-law (sister’s husband) and wants to get out of it.



Answer: Love guru Rekha suggest her to control her desire and get out of the relationship with her brother-in-law.


(November 6, 2009)

3 thoughts on “Love Guru – 25 years old college girl

  1. I like the Rekha Thapa suggestion.It is 100% right.Why you are going to on wrong away? Select the proper away.Your aim is self depending so that do not follow with your brother in low.Do not try to make damage your sister life.Try to help female to female life.Life is coming only in one time.

  2. मैले एउटी महिलालाई असाध्यै मन पराउछु। तर उस्ले मलाई हेर्दै हेर्देना! अब मैले के गर्नु पर्ला?

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