Photo Essay 2 – Rekha Thapa Appeal

The first photo essay of Rekha Thapa’s moods and expression was liked by Rekha’s fans. Here is the second collection of photos of Rekha featuring different moods and feelings.

Expressive eyes!

Eyes do talk to people who can understand them. Everything else can lie but eyes don’t like. They express happiness, sadness, anger, contempt and a whole lot of expressions. What do you see in the following eyes ?

rekha thapa - expressive eyes

Seductive looks

rekha thapa -seducive look

Ssss …. appeal

The gesture enhances the beauty or the opposite. In addition to expression the feeling through eyes and gesture, showing the body parts to attract or distract another human is also a form of expression. Some gesture are appealing and others might be defensive or repulsive. What do you see in the following gesture?

rekha thapa shows off


rekha thapa_drinking juice

Thinking of you…

People try to fake expressions. They try to seem engaged or interested or happy when they are feeling the opposite. Happiness can be expressed by smiling. But, happiness is not only smile – eyes, facial muscles, and body all act together in being happy. When somebody fakes happiness by smiling, everything except the mouth betray. A person unconsciously sees it and reacts. What do you see in the following photo?

rekha thapa-thinking

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