Rekha couldn’t take Chhath Brata this year

Rekha Thapa is a very religious person and she never misses an opportunity to worship gods. Chhath has been one of her favorite festival since her childhood. She started taking Chhath Brata at the age of 8 years and she has continued the proceeds till the last year.

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This year however, she couldn’t take the Brata because of menstruation. Traditionally, women don’t worship gods during their menstruation period. Rekha says, “This is the first I have missed Chhath brata.’

Chhath is celebrated by worshiping the rising sun in the morning and the setting sun in the evening. It is believed that the wish made at the time of the sunrise and sunset are fulfilled by the influence of the goddess. Although the festival is popular in the Terai region of Nepal, these days people of other parts of Nepal have also started celebrating the festival.

Happy Chhath !

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