Rekha Thapa as a singer

We all know Rekha Thapa as the number one actress in Nepali film industry. You might not know the other side of the actress – she is also a singer. Rekha has sung a song in the movie ‘Barsaat’. The singers in the song ‘Jindagiko Lamo Yatra ‘ are choreographer Shankar BC and actress Rekha Thapa. Both of them sound flawless, like professional singers. The lyrics of the song is written by Shankar BC who is also the director of the video.

singer rekha thapa barsat -song1

The music video details:

  • Album – Samikchya
  • Vocal – Shankar BC, Rekha Thapa
  • Director / Lyrics – Shankar BC
  • Music – Rameshraj Bhattarai
  • Models – Sabin Shrestha and Rekha Thap
  • Camera – Krishna Shrestha
  • Editor – Mitra Gurung

rekha thapa - singer

Rekha tries to sing whenever she gets an opportunity. One of the well known instance of Rekha’s singing and dancing occurred during the 2009 CPN Maoist protest ceremony. Rekha sang and danced with the Maoist chairman Prachanda during the event.

rekhathapa-dances prachanda

Update : (November 1, 2013)
Another private video of Rekha Singing

Update: on November 8

Rekha sings ‘Hamesha Hamesha…’ at the time of the release of her movie ‘Hamesha’

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