Rekha Thapa Facebook Fan Page getting huge boost in likes

UPDATE 2 – After a day (24 hours) of publishing this post, total likes in the page has almost reached 40,000 (39,821 to be exact). That is, 6,000 likes in a day.

Update: There were 1,000 more likes within two hours of posting this post. Current like count was 34,110 at the time of this update.

In the last week, Rekha’s Fan Page in Facebook has received a lot of new likes. At the time of this writing, the page received 3,000 likes in 11 hours reaching 33,000 total likes with almost 17,000 talking about the page.

11 hrs rekha thapa

After 11 hours:

rekha thapa facebook page likes 2

Facebook’s insight stat shows that the likes rates has averaged to 2,000 daily likes in the past few days and is in increasing trend. As the community grows stronger, we are planning to start fun-filled and entertaining programs, exclusively for the community members.

rekha thapa facebook page likes

Rekha’s political involvement and the release of her upcoming movie ‘Kali’ are considered the factors leading to the boost in the likes.

rekha thapa tori bari

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6 thoughts on “Rekha Thapa Facebook Fan Page getting huge boost in likes

  1. Everything going well….

    hi rekha madam!!! you are one of the most famous actress in nepal if you going to live your life via movie industry its better for your life and no one hate you ever…….but in my view, its not good direc cnnection with any political party if you choose one of political party in nepal then your all fans will divide someone like you another people hate you so the better thing is do not take or choose a party as a single……..
    i know that everyone like politics but wisemen nit going jump over

    • Every move has negative and positive consequences. Politics is risky but it also provides platform to work for the people.
      It is not about political party but, it is about serving people.
      Fans will understand.

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