Rekha Thapa gifted her car to Chhabi and bought a new one

After the success of her latest movie, Rekha Thapa has bought a new car. Rekha bought a Daihatsu Terios mini SUV. Rekha paid Rs. 4.3 million for the bright red car. In the following photo, Rekha is seen talking to director Shyam Bhattarai beside her new car.

Rekha Thapa's new terios car

Before buying the Terios, Rekha used to commute in Hyundai Getz. After buying the new car, she has gifted the Getz to her ex-husband and the executive producer of ‘Kali‘, Chhabi Raj Ojha. In the following photo, Chhabi is seen standing beside his gift from Rekha. Rekha’s new car is seen in the background. The posters of Rekha’s ‘Kali’ and Chhabi’s new movie ‘Loafer’ can also be seen in the background.

chhabi with rekha's car

Rekha Thapa and Shyam Bhattarai talk beside Rekhas new car

A file photo of Rekha and Chhabi riding the car – that was before Rekha gifted it to Chhabi:

rekha and chhabi in the car

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