Rekha Thapa is the new director of Himmatwali

After the completion of the climax scenes and about 35 percent of ‘Himmatwali’, the director Shayam Bhattarai got sick and had to return back to Kathmandu for treatment. In the absence of the director, Rekha has decided to direct the movie herself.

rekha thapa in himmatwali shooting

Rekha has told that the official director of the movie will be Rekha Thapa herself. Now, the producer, actress and director of the ‘Himmatwali’ is Rekha.

After the latest happenings, there will be a lot of marketing materials for the promotion of the movie. Some are:

  • Rekha is introducing a new lead actor
  • The new actor is an international celebrity and special
  • Rekha’s debut direction
  • Camel used in the movie
  • Action scenes including riding horses and camels

rekha thapa himmatwali direction

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