Rekha’s three avatars on Bhai Tika day

Rekha had a tough time on the Bhai Tika day. She started in Morang and offered tika to two of her brothers. She flew back to Kathmandu to offer tika to some more of her brothers including the musician director Kamal Krishna and choreographer Shankar BC.

While in Tarai, Rekha has worn an orange sleeveless t-shirt. The cold Kathmandu forced her to wear a black/purple stripped sweater. By the time she offered tika to Shankar BC, it was really cold and she had to wear a winter jacket. That was how Rekha had three avatars on the Bhai Tika day!

rekha thapa - three avatars on a single day

How was your Bhai Tika. Were you as lucky as Rekha to have so many brothers/sisters ?

Rekha Thapa bhai tika with shankar bc