Top 5 hottest songs of Rekha Thapa

Here are five of the the hottest music videos featuring Rekha Thapa. Don’t forget to comment which video you like the most. Please suggest other videos you want us to share.

Song from movie “Dewar Babu”

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Hot photos – Rekha Thapa and Sabin Shrestha modeling shots

The following modeling shots were done for online edition of Kantipur publication. Sabin Shrestha is featured opposite to Rekha Thapa in Rekha Films’ movie in theater ‘Rawan’.  The couple will be repeated again in their upcoming movie ‘Barsat’. Sabin’s debut movie “Andaz” was also made by Rekha Films and had Rekha in the leading female role.

It seems, the Rekha – Sabin on-screen couple has a bright future in Nepali movie industry.

Rekha_thapa_model_shots (3)

Rekha’s foot on Sabin’s crotch in the photo shot below is a classic shot.

Rekha_thapa_model_shots (4)

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Rekha Thapa and Sabin Shrestha to do ‘Barshat’

The on-screen couple in Rekha Thapa’s upcoming movie ‘Rawan’, Rekha and Sabin Shrestha are going to be featured again together in another movie named ‘Barshat’. The movie ‘Barshat’ is being made by Mohankrishna Shrestha and Gajendra Ranjit. The producer duo had previously produced ‘Kanyadaan’ and ‘Raj’. The new movie ‘Barshat’ will be made in a love story.


The couple Rekha and Sabin debuted in “Andaz” and ‘Barshat’ will be their third venture together. Sabin was featured in action roles in ‘Andaz’ and ‘Rawan’. What type of role he is playing in ‘Barshat’ however is not known.



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