Damdar, Rekha Thapa movie releasing this Friday

Rekha’s upcomig movie ‘Damdar’ is going to release in theater on this Friday, May 9. The movie produced by Suman Bista is directed by Kamal Krishna.

The movie made on the story of Nawaraj Sharma is shot by cinematographer Saurav Lama. Edited by Shreeram Mahat, the action movie’s music is composed by the director himself.

damdar poster

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Police Inspector Rekha Thapa

Rekha is NOT a police officer in real life. But, it has been three times in a row she has been featured as a police officer in her movies (a hat trick, if you like). In her movie ‘Lanka’ she was featured as a police Inspector. She repeated the role of the Inspector in her recent release ‘Kali‘. In an upcoming movie, ‘Damdar’ she is going to be featured in the same police uniform.

rekha_thapa_in_lanka_movie (22)

Rekha as a police inspector in ‘Lanka’

Looking at the past, both ‘Lanka’ and ‘Kali’ were successful movie and that fact might be the motivation behind Kamal Krishna to repeat the similar role in ‘Damdar’. ‘Lanka’ being the best performer in movie in 2069 BS and ‘Kali’ the best performer in 2070 BS, ‘Damdar’ might be looking to be the best performer in the next year – 2071.

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Rekha Thapa to do a guest role in Damdar

Here are a couple of photos of Rekha Thapa in her upcoming movie ‘Damdar’. Rekha is featured as a guest artist in the movie named after a Hindi word. The action movie is being directed by Kamal Krishna.

rekha thapa in Damdar

In ‘Damdar’ Rekha’s role is said to be a short but effective one. Rekha will be seen in action role.  The movie features actor Sabin Shrestha in leading role and actor Shreeram Pudasaini will also be featured in a main role.

rekha thapa in Damdar movie