Rekha Thapa’s relationship with male actors

Rekha Thapa is known for having problems in relationship with her male counterparts in movies. Some of the actors she had already had problem with are Nikhil Upreti, Aryan Sigdel and Biraj Bhatt. It is not only the actors, she had problems with but, she had had clashed with some directors too.

After the release of her movie ‘Himmat’, Rekha had problem with its director Deepak Shrestha. After the release of he movie ‘Hifajat’ she has stopped talking with it’s director Gyanendra Deuja.


Relationship with Nikhil Upreti

After Nikhil’s movie Pinjada became a hit, he was established as one of the action hero. When Nikhil became busy with other producers and couldn’t devote his time in Rekha’s movie, Rekha was upset with Rekha. The clash between the two became public and they announced their decision not to work with each other.


Relationship with Biraj Bhatt

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Rekha talks about Himmat and Himmat-2 controversy

Rekha Thapa in a 2009 interview told that she can do more than glamorous role alone.

After the success of her movie, “Himmat” Deepak Shrestha wanted to cash over the success of her original film by making “Himmat-2“. That too, without Rekha’s knowledge. That had started the conflict between the two. 

Q: After acting in about six dozen films, how satisfied do you feel?

Rekha Thapa : I had dreamed about cinema since my childhood. As of now, I am very satisfied to have succeeded in my work of dreams. At the same time, sometimes I assess myself and think there is so much more to learn and do.

Q: Your success is often credited to your glamorous role more rather than your acting, what do you say?

Rekha Thapa : I have done every types of roles from bungee jumping, martial arts, to sentimental roles. And, I have performed equally in all types of roles. However, I don’t know why my glamorous role was more appreciated and taken me to the limelight.

Q: Is movie a creative art or a business ?

Rekha Thapa : To me, acting is my profession and this needs to be developed into a business.

Q: It is seen that Nepali cinema has failed to win the hearts of viewers. Who do you think is responsible ?

Rekha Thapa : In recent time, lot of Nepali movies are made but, they have failed to focus on quality. It is only the increase in quantity rather than quality in the movies. For that situation to happen, we actors and the film makers are responsible. In my opinion, no films have been made targeting Nepali viewers.

Q: You have also started movie production. Is it because you are not making enough as an actor?

Rekha Thapa : Working for others requires you bend to their imagination.Actors have to do what the producers and directors say. I wanted to invest and be a producer so that I can do what I want and apply my own imagination in my movie.

Q: Himmat‘ was your movie. Now, why is ‘Himmat-2‘ being made without your involvement?

Rekha Thapa : ‘Himmat-2’ was conceived after ‘Himmat’ became a success. But, I was not even contacted when they made a sequel of my film.

Q: But, you didn’t complain or react.

Rekha Thapa : That was because of pride in me. At the same time, if a successful and famous director (Deepak Shrestha) steals my idea, I have nothing to say.