Hero, Rekha Thapa’s debut movie

On the occasion of the release and potential success of Rekha’s latest movie ‘Kali‘, let’s look on her history – the first time she started acting.

In Bikram Sambat 2057 Chhabi Raj Ojha introduced Rekha Thapa in Nepali movie industry. He was actually looking for Sajja Mainali but found a photo of Miss Koshi 2057, Rekha and decided to sign her in his upcoming movie ‘Hero’.

Before the start of the shooting everybody was skeptical. After makeup, Rekha didn’t look as attractive as before. Rekha’s opposite, actor Rajesh Hamal, thought that Rekha was too young to be featured with him. But, once the shooting started, everybody was very comfortable working with her.

rekha thapa in hero

The first scene Rekha did was of a song titled ‘Timro Maanta Chakku Churi’. The dance, acting and the facial expression of Rekha in screen came naturally and was impressive to everybody involved. The production team was very happy by the time they wrapped up the shooting.

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Rekha Thapa’s love story with Chhabi Raj Ojha

chhabi_kisses_rekhaChhabi Raj Ojha, the producer of Rajesh Hamal’s debut movie “Yug Dekhi Yug Samma” in BS 2040, was searching for a lead actress of his movie “Hero” in BS 2057. At that time, Sajja Mainali had done a very good job in “Yestai Hunchha Pirati” of producer Sagar Dhungel. Chhabi with his friend Naresh Poudel went to Sagar Dhungel’s office to meet Sajja and talk about his interest to feature her in his movie.


While waiting to meet Sagar Dhungel in his office, Chhabi was reading the magazines on the table. When he saw a photo of the Miss Koshi of that time in one of the magazines, he identified her as his lead actress. Chhabi left Sagar’s office without meeting him.

The Miss Koshi of 2057, Rekha Thapa, was in grade 10 at that time. When Rekha’s mother received the phone call from film producer Chhabi Ojha, she couldn’t believe her ears. An appointment was fixed and Rekha was to meet Chhabi in his office. But, when she went to his office, she was asked to come the following day by a not-so-pleasent lookign man. Rekha thought the guy (Naresh Poudel) to be Chhabi himself. She didn’t like the guy and decided she won’t do movie with that guy. But, Chhabi called again and asked her to come to his office. Whe Rekha refused by telling that her home was far from his office, Chhabi offered to pick her up.

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