Rekha Thapa’s relationship with male actors

Rekha Thapa is known for having problems in relationship with her male counterparts in movies. Some of the actors she had already had problem with are Nikhil Upreti, Aryan Sigdel and Biraj Bhatt. It is not only the actors, she had problems with but, she had had clashed with some directors too.

After the release of her movie ‘Himmat’, Rekha had problem with its director Deepak Shrestha. After the release of he movie ‘Hifajat’ she has stopped talking with it’s director Gyanendra Deuja.


Relationship with Nikhil Upreti

After Nikhil’s movie Pinjada became a hit, he was established as one of the action hero. When Nikhil became busy with other producers and couldn’t devote his time in Rekha’s movie, Rekha was upset with Rekha. The clash between the two became public and they announced their decision not to work with each other.


Relationship with Biraj Bhatt

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