Police Inspector Rekha Thapa

Rekha is NOT a police officer in real life. But, it has been three times in a row she has been featured as a police officer in her movies (a hat trick, if you like). In her movie ‘Lanka’ she was featured as a police Inspector. She repeated the role of the Inspector in her recent release ‘Kali‘. In an upcoming movie, ‘Damdar’ she is going to be featured in the same police uniform.

rekha_thapa_in_lanka_movie (22)

Rekha as a police inspector in ‘Lanka’

Looking at the past, both ‘Lanka’ and ‘Kali’ were successful movie and that fact might be the motivation behind Kamal Krishna to repeat the similar role in ‘Damdar’. ‘Lanka’ being the best performer in movie in 2069 BS and ‘Kali’ the best performer in 2070 BS, ‘Damdar’ might be looking to be the best performer in the next year – 2071.

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Rekha’s ‘Lanka’ doing a good business

Rekha Thapa’s recent release ‘Lanka’ has done a good business in all over Nepal. ‘Lanka’ was released on November 16 and the only movie released after that date, ‘ATM’ was banned after the second show. So, the movie has been the only new Nepali movie being shown in theater for the last two weeks.


The director of the movie, Shyam Bhattarai had done most of the shooting in his home district, Sarlahi. He had released the movie in Sarlahi a bit earlier and the movie is still doing well in the district.

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