Rekha in Rupendehi to participate in a marriage ceremony

Rekha was in Rupendehi to offer her best wishes to Bishowdeep Pandey and his wife in the occasion of their marriage.

Rekha thapa bishowdeep pandey marriage

Bishowdeep was the close aide of Dr. Baburam Bhattarai during the time he was the Prime Minister.

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Q&A, Love didn’t die

Q. Because of our caste difference, our 5-year long love affair ended when her parents married my girlfriend to another person in the same village. The girlfriend found out later that he is a drunkard and she doesn’t like him. Now, she wants to marry me. What can we do in such situation?

A. First you need to determine if the married relationship between them is really in trouble. If that is the case, you need to suggest them to get separated legally to open door to your marriage.  Read the full reply in Nepali in the attached copy:


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‘I am free to marry again’

In a statement on her birthday on August 21, 2012, published in Olinekhabar, Rekha has told that she is free to marry again.

Rekha quoted an example of Hari Bamsha Acharya getting married after the death of his previous wife, Meera. Claiming that it wasn’t an ‘official marriage’ she claims, the marriage she will do next will be her first marriage. It seems she longs for a child and a happy family.