Watch Rekha Thapa in Meri Bassai

The episode featuring Rekha Thapa was shown in television on October 1. In this episode, Rekha has a very short role and she only appears at the very end. The episode on next Tuesday will have a longer appearance of the Rekha. Rekha says, that had gone to the ‘Meri Bassai’ village for resting after a stressful shooting.

The full episode is posted below. Rekha enters the scene at 22:12 (near the end of the video).

rekha in meri bassai

Rekha Thapa, Kali, in Meri Bassai

Very popular comedy serial ‘Meri Bassai’ is going to feature actress Rekha Thapa in it’s upcoming episode. The serial had featured other popular actors and actresses in the past. Some notable names include Rajesh Hamal, Bhuwan KC,

In the serial Rekha will be features as ‘Kali’ after her upcoming movie.

kali in meri bassai - rekha thapa dhurmus suntali

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