Rampyari shooting going on

The shooting of Rekha Thapa’s new movie ‘Rampyari’ is going on. The movie scheduled to release on the last Friday of the year 2072 features Rekha in the leading role. The movie is a story of a three-wheeler driver woman in Chitwan.

rampyari shooting rekha thapa and director shabir shrestha

In the movie, Rekha is debuting actor Aavash Adhikari in main role. Actress Ashma DC is going to be featured opposite to Aavash Adhikari. Sabin Shrestha is going to be featured opposite to Rekha in the movie. The director Shabir Shrestha is directing the movie. Last year, Rekha told that she would direct the movie. But, later she decided to let Shabir direct it instead.

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First look of Rampyari features new actor Aavash Adhikari

The first look poster of Rekha Thapa’s next movie, ‘Ram Pyari’ shows the new actor Aavash Adhikari and Rekha Thapa on the background. The poster shows that Aavash will be the central character in the movie. Does that mean Aavash’s role would be stronger than Rekha? For the answer, we would need to wait till the release of the movie.

rampyari first look poster

Aavash Adhikari is Rekha’s nephew. In addition to being a blood relative, the son of Rekha’s elder sister, Aavash grew up with Rekha in his maternal home.

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Ram Pyari under preparation, political uncertainty a major hindrance

Rekha Thapa’s upcoming movie ‘Ram Pyari’ is a film of underprivileged women in Nepali society. Rekha has been addressing the issues of various problems to women in Nepali society and giving opportunity to the abused women in her film. During the promotion of her movie ‘Tathastu’ Rekha had promised two rape victim girls a role in ‘Ram Pyari’.

News about Pooja Bohora and Pooja Karki in Ram Pyari (video):

rekha thapa with pregnent street girl

Photo – Rekha with a street girl, 7-months pregnant and living in streets in Pashupati area.

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Rampyari, next project of Rekha

Rekha has announced directing and acting in her next movie ‘Rampyari’. The movie previously titled ‘Kamala’ and announced before ‘Himmatwali‘ has been renamed ‘Rampyari’. The movie was shelved after Rekha decided to start the production of ‘Himmatwali’.

At that time, the movie was supposed to be directed by Shabir Shrestha. Now, based on Rekha’s experience in directing ‘Himmatwali’ she will also be directing the new movie herself. The movie is about a three-wheeler driver woman. Rekha will be featured in double role in the movie.

rekha thapa

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Kamala shelved, Himmatwali to start soon

Rekha Film’s upcoming movie ‘Himmatwali’ is all set to go on floor soon with Shyam Bhattarai as the director. The previous announcement ‘Kamala’ is shelved for now as the director Shabir Shrestha became busy in the post-production of ‘Adhi Bato’.

rekha thapa

The director Shyam Bhattarai, the director of ‘Lanka,’ is planning to release ‘Himmatwali’ by Dashain festival. The movie will be an action movie shot in locations in Kathmandu and some locations of Terai region. The music of the movie will be composed by Basanta Sapkota.  Continue reading