Tathastu shooting starts

The shooting of Shabir Shrestha’s movie ‘Tathastu’ has started in MaHa Studio. In the first day of the shooting Rekha was tied in a rope.

Although Shabir Shrestha is a hit director of Rekha Films banner movies like ‘Kasle Choryo Mero Man’ and ‘Kali’, this movie is his own production.


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Damdar, Rekha Thapa movie releasing this Friday

Rekha’s upcomig movie ‘Damdar’ is going to release in theater on this Friday, May 9. The movie produced by Suman Bista is directed by Kamal Krishna.

The movie made on the story of Nawaraj Sharma is shot by cinematographer Saurav Lama. Edited by Shreeram Mahat, the action movie’s music is composed by the director himself.

damdar poster

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Karishma says Rekha is the Number one actress

During the D Cine Award, actress Karishma Manandhar received the Best Supporting Actress Award from Rekha Thapa. After receiving the award Karishma remembered Rekha Thapa when she had just won Miss Koshi title. After winning the title, Rekha had expressed her desire to become an actress just like Karishma. Karishma was the top actress of that time.

rekha thapa karishma manandhar nisha adhikari priyanka karki and others

Now, the time has changed and Karishma has said that the top actress in the Nepali film industry is Rekha Thapa. After the statement, the top actress of the past and the top actress of the current time hugged each other.

rekha thapa receives award

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Rekha Thapa – the most liked photo in Facebook

With a whooping 30,000 likes, a photo of Rekha Thapa with Khadka ji has become one of the most liked photos in the Rekha’s Facebook Fan Page.

With 12,000 likes in 15 hours of posting, following photo has become one of the most liked photo in a short time. In overall, the photo is third most liked photo in the page.

rekha thapa likes 12000

The most liked photo in the Facebook page has more than 6,600 comments and it was shared by more than 700 fans. The hit couple photo had received 9,000 likes after 8 hours of posting:

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