Rampyari shooting going on

The shooting of Rekha Thapa’s new movie ‘Rampyari’ is going on. The movie scheduled to release on the last Friday of the year 2072 features Rekha in the leading role. The movie is a story of a three-wheeler driver woman in Chitwan.

rampyari shooting rekha thapa and director shabir shrestha

In the movie, Rekha is debuting actor Aavash Adhikari in main role. Actress Ashma DC is going to be featured opposite to Aavash Adhikari. Sabin Shrestha is going to be featured opposite to Rekha in the movie. The director Shabir Shrestha is directing the movie. Last year, Rekha told that she would direct the movie. But, later she decided to let Shabir direct it instead.

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Damdar, Rekha Thapa movie releasing this Friday

Rekha’s upcomig movie ‘Damdar’ is going to release in theater on this Friday, May 9. The movie produced by Suman Bista is directed by Kamal Krishna.

The movie made on the story of Nawaraj Sharma is shot by cinematographer Saurav Lama. Edited by Shreeram Mahat, the action movie’s music is composed by the director himself.

damdar poster

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Hamesha – Rekha and Sabin Shrestha in lead role

A movie of producer Chhabi Raj Ojha, ‘Hamesha’  is being directed by director Shabir Shrestha. The lead roles in the movie are assigned to Rekha and Sabin Shrestha. The agreement of Rekha to do Chhabi’s movie is seen as the positive step in the relationship between the two.


Although there was tension in the relationship between the two and they are living separately, they haven’t divorced legally and time and again news of patch up between the two are covered in media.

Shooting of Barshat complete – signed in Shovit Basnet movie

The shooting of Rekha and Sabin star movie ‘Barshat’ has finished in 20 days. The film unit had worked for about 14 hours a day to finish it in such a short duration. The movie is directed by Sanu Shakya and is produced by Mohan Krishna Shrestha and Gajendra Ranjit.


In another report, Shovit Basnet has signed in Rekha in his upcoming movie “Jau Hida Pokhara”. Shovit attempt to feature Sabin Shrestha in the lead role in the movie has however faced some financial hurdles. Shovit is not willing to pay the amount Sabin is demanding.

Hot photos – Rekha Thapa and Sabin Shrestha modeling shots

The following modeling shots were done for online edition of Kantipur publication. Sabin Shrestha is featured opposite to Rekha Thapa in Rekha Films’ movie in theater ‘Rawan’.  The couple will be repeated again in their upcoming movie ‘Barsat’. Sabin’s debut movie “Andaz” was also made by Rekha Films and had Rekha in the leading female role.

It seems, the Rekha – Sabin on-screen couple has a bright future in Nepali movie industry.

Rekha_thapa_model_shots (3)

Rekha’s foot on Sabin’s crotch in the photo shot below is a classic shot.

Rekha_thapa_model_shots (4)

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