Love and romance talk with Ujju Darling

After participating in the television show ‘Ujju Darling’ and Rekha had talked to Ujju again earlier this year for the publication in ‘Saptahik’ weekly.

The screenshot of the full interview is attached and the summary follows.


What is sex?

It is a biological and habitual need and it is also a natural gift. Like males, females also need it. Like every other women, I also need it.

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Love Guru – to win an ex-girlfriend

rekha_utl_advertisementLove Guru Rekha is one of the main attraction of Kantipur’s weekly magazine ‘Saptahik’. This question and answer dates back to the early 2009. Summary of question and answer:

Q. My ex-girlfriend has left me after a year-long relationship because her parents wanted her to marry another guy. (JB)

A. You need to respect your ex-girlfriend’s decision to leave you. You can request her to meet and talk about the exact reason she has left you. But, you should know that love can’t be won by force. If nothing works you should live your life and let her live hers. (read the full conversation in Nepali, below)

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Saptahik featured Rekha Thapa in the front page

Weekly magazine of Kantipur publication, Saptahik has featured Rekha Thapa as ‘Dekha Thapa’ in its front page of this week. In an interview titled “Rekhale Thokin Shatak” (Translates to “Rekha has scored a century”), Rekha’s love of short dresses has made her popular as Dekha Thapa.


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