Rekha Thapa private moment photos

Here are some of the photos of Rekha that you might not have seen before as they were never meant for publication in newspapers or magazines.

Rekha Thapa looks out of the verandah of a house in Sarlahi

rekha Thapa_sarlahi

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Rekha’s ‘Lanka’ doing a good business

Rekha Thapa’s recent release ‘Lanka’ has done a good business in all over Nepal. ‘Lanka’ was released on November 16 and the only movie released after that date, ‘ATM’ was banned after the second show. So, the movie has been the only new Nepali movie being shown in theater for the last two weeks.


The director of the movie, Shyam Bhattarai had done most of the shooting in his home district, Sarlahi. He had released the movie in Sarlahi a bit earlier and the movie is still doing well in the district.

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