Rekha and Chhabi patched-up

Now it is official, Rekha and Chhabi both have admitted of the problem in their relationship for the last ten months. In the recent time, they had even considered a divorce as a solution. But, when the divorce deal didn’t go well, they ended up patching-up their relationship.

After the patch-up, the couple decided to celebrate in a restaurant. In the celebration their close friends were also invited. Present in the party were Nisha Sunuwar, director Shabir Shrestha, Shovit Basnet, choreographer Shankar BC and Dhruba Neupane among others.


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Shooting of Barshat complete – signed in Shovit Basnet movie

The shooting of Rekha and Sabin star movie ‘Barshat’ has finished in 20 days. The film unit had worked for about 14 hours a day to finish it in such a short duration. The movie is directed by Sanu Shakya and is produced by Mohan Krishna Shrestha and Gajendra Ranjit.


In another report, Shovit Basnet has signed in Rekha in his upcoming movie “Jau Hida Pokhara”. Shovit attempt to feature Sabin Shrestha in the lead role in the movie has however faced some financial hurdles. Shovit is not willing to pay the amount Sabin is demanding.