Rekha Thapa, more Wave poses (photos)

We talked about the Wave cover featuring Rekha and a hot pose in the magazine. Here are some more poses of Rekha in the magazine.

These are the photos taken for the 2013 June edition of Wave magazine. The photos are taken by Sushan Shrestha, hair and makeup by Sakil Kunwar, and location at Yak and Yeti Hotel. Please comment on how Rekha looks in these poses. Thank you.

rekha thapa in wave magazine (1)

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Hot pose of Rekha in Wave

Rekha is featured in a hot pose in the youth magazine Wave. She is also featured in the cover of the magazine. In a Facebook statement, Rekha had thanked the editor, Malvika Subba for featuring her in the magazine.

rekha credits - malvika

Rekha looks hot and sexy but, the dress looks too short for the actress. See the bigger version of the photo and comment.

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