Top 5 hottest songs of Rekha Thapa

Here are five of the the hottest music videos featuring Rekha Thapa. Don’t forget to comment which video you like the most. Please suggest other videos you want us to share.

Song from movie “Dewar Babu”

“Simple Simple Kanchhi ko dimple parne gaala .. ” from the movie “Andaaz”

“Hosai Harayo Mero ..” from the movie “Ilaka”

Garam Garam Hawale – from movie ‘Tod’

“Malham Laideu Mayale …” from ‘Don’

This is a sweet song with a nice dance – ‘Pahad Ko Tareli Ma..’ Anju Panta song featuring Rekha Thapa

And of course: Slowly … Slowly from ‘Kali’

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