Top 5 photos in Rekha Thapa Facebook Fan Page

We have already told you that there had been a huge boost in the likes of Rekha Thapa‘s fan page in Facebook. We talked about 2000 likes in a day and now that has increased to 6,000 to 7,000 likes in a day (Likes on on September 24 were 6,684 and that of 25 were 6,156).

Here are the top 5 photo of Rekha:

top 5 photos in Faebook

1. The most liked (more than 8,340 likes) and 1,700 comments, and shared by 200 fans. The photo received 1 lakh and 20 thousand clicks at the time of this post.

Rekha Thapa top 5 in Facebook (1)

Second most liked photo was taken during the football game of artists with journalists. The photo features Rekha with actresses Garima and Binita Baral.

Rekha Thapa top 5 in Facebook (5)

3. The third most liked photo

Rekha Thapa top 5 in Facebook (4)

4. The fourth most liked photo was also most criticized. The photo shows Rekha and singer Nisha Sunar posing during a sports event. Fans got a wrong impression that it was a fashion shot, which it is not. Wearing a sports shorts is NOT skin show.

Rekha Thapa top 5 in Facebook (3)

5. And the fifth most liked photo became in the top 5 because of the question posted with the photo. Fans responded with more likes while replying where the photo might have taken.

Rekha Thapa top 5 in Facebook (2)

What do you think of these photos. Do you think they deserve to be on the top 5 ? Please comment.

Special mention – The following photo received most rapid response – 2100 likes and 300 comments in 50 minutes of posting. 30,000 people had viewed the photo in 50 minutes.

rekha thapa in school uniform

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