Watching movie the first time

What does it feel like watching a movie for the first time? These days, movies are common and the kids usually watch movies or see TVs even before they realize watching them. In the past, things were different. Watching movies weren’t commonplace and people had to be old enough to go to the theater and watch the movies. So, most of the people who were raised in rural areas remember the first time they had watched their first movies.

rekha thapa smile

Rekha’s experience of watching a movie for the first time was published in Naya Patrika. She was surprised how fast the actors changed their clothes in different shots.

Rekha says, “I don’t remember the first movie I watch. All I remember was that I was scared and crawled under the seat.”

The first movie Rekha remembers watching is ‘Laxmi Puja’. Rekha had gone to Jaljala theater in Biratnagar with her sisters to watch the movie featuring Kristi Mainali and Shree Krishna Shrestha in leading roles.  Watch ‘Laxmi Puja’ here.

rekha thapa movie going experience