Why Rekha Thapa didn’t attend National Film Award ?

First, Rekha Thapa knew who is going to win the awards beforehand. Here is the full list of winners.

rekha thapa

She was the only winner who wasn’t present at the award ceremony. The summary of Rekha’s statement (attached below):

  • ‘Rhythm’ can’t be a best movie
  • Lead actor in ‘Rhythm’ is Jiwan Luitel not Wilson Bikram Rai who won the best actor award.
  • Lead actress in ‘Masan’ is Keki Adhikari not Neeta Dhungana who won the best actress award.
  • The jury didn’t have competent judges. A filmy program host Prakash Subedi doesn’t qualify to be a judge.
  • The organizers had asked money for awards.

Rekha summarizes, “The award was a result of money and personal relationships.”

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