Why was Rekha’s candidacy rejected ?

The CPN Maoist had recommended Rekha Thapa as the party candidate in Parsa 1 constituency. But, when the nomination was filed, it was found that Rekha’s name wasn’t in the Election Commission’s voters list. A candidate can’t participate in election if the name is not in the voters’ list.

rekha thapa talks

Rekha says, “CPN Maoist had respectfully chosen me as one of the candidates. I had registered myself as a voter in Kathmandu. But, because of the technical problem in the Election Commission, my name was missing in the voters’ list.”

Rekha adds, “That was the reason I couldn’t be a candidate in the election. I hadn’t joined the party to participate in election but, to help the party. So, I will do everything I can to help the party win the election.”

Rekha was born and grown up in Salakpur, Morang but, she has been working in Kathmandu in her entire film career. In the election of BS 2064, Rekha had voted at the Constituency 8 of Kathmandu.

The spokesperson of CPN Maoist also confirmed that the removal of Rekha from the candidates list was because of the problem in Election Commission and not because of protest within the party.

rekha thapa with prachanda after the party decided to select her

Rekha entered party politics after receiving a membership of the CPN Maoist in May of 2013.

Rekha says, “Everything happens for good. Even if I couldn’t get in election, I will be active in politics and social works.”

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  1. a lot of people who dislikes amaovadi are very happy because of failure of rekha thapa’s candidature but how easily she realized and announced that its was a simple mistake and she didnot showed a great reaction has become a great lesson to so called wisdoms of various parties.you have shown a great patience that is great rekhaji and this may be a lesson to others party as well.

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